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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Let the card hunting begin!

Becoming a real magical girl was always a dream to Illya. Now that the dream has become reality she’s not so sure anymore. Ruby’s contract has placed Illya in quite the difficult situation. Originally, Ruby was to aid Rin in collecting the class cards. Rin’s mission was a simple one, too. Go to Japan, and retrieve the cards in order to become a disciple of the Grand Master. However, things never go as planned. Her constant feuding with her partner caused Ruby to dissolve their contract. Since Rin can no longer wield Ruby the collect quest now falls onto Illya. Unfortunately for Illya, she has no say in the matter. She will be assisting Rin without question. The first card these two go after is, Rider. Normally this would have been an easy card in the bag, but Illya had no clue she would be fighting for her life. Luckily, a mysterious second magical girl appears just in time to save the day.

Now than I’m re-watching the first season here this review is a bit troublesome to write about. Why is this? Well, since I’ve covered the movie here Miyu isn’t such a mystery. However, I’ll slightly pretend I don’t have that knowledge when writing these posts up. Although we did come full circle with the movie now. Anyhow, a class card awaits. Enjoy Illya’s first attempt at being a magical girl!





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Just who is this new magical girl? Find out hopefully soon here at, Anime Solution!

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