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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 33

by Yumiko

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Unfortunately Gauche ditched the team when they needed him the most. Sally’s monster is now on the loose, and is attacking everything in sight. Taking down this monster won’t be easy. Asta’s anti-magic may be able to slice it apart, but its regenerative ability pulls right back together. Moreover, Marie isn’t happy at all about her brother cowardly act. He is suppose to be a magical knight, a defender of all the kingdom’s people. After she punched some sense back into him, Gauche saw the error in his way. He must remain cool in Marie’s eyes, or he risk losing her love. After dropping her off in a secure location he heads back into the fight. It is here where Gauche finally forsake his selfishness, and it willing to work with others. By combining his trump card with Asta’s anti-magic both the monster and Sally are defeated. Although this isn’t the end. The leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun has arrived.

Sally’s time is over sadly, but Licht’s arrival marks the beginning of a major battle. The next few episodes should be an interested sight to behold. If Pierrot is able to pull these few off, then Black Clover could be turning quite a few heads. Let’s just hope they do it justice. Anyhow, let’s put the mud-slime to rest. Enjoy the teamwork!





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Next time the battle between light and darkness begins! Pray for top tier animation, and I’ll be seeing you next week!

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