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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

Operation save Kengo is a go!

Kouka may be gone, but what she did on that night changed everything. Her ability to shake things up also caused Kengo to be arrested. His arrest comes as bad news for Arato. He does not wish to see one of his best friends behind bars. As such he looks to Lacia for help. Saving Kengo won’t be easy. Arato’s only hope is by following Lacia’s commands, and doing so without question. Now, in order to speed up Kengo’s release Lacia plans to feed the authorities a bigger fish. However, first they must obtain information. In an expected turn of events, Arato is sent in to fetch key details from Kouka’s slayers. A risky move, but one that could prove to be quite valuable later on.

Episode 15 may have been all about finding a way to save Kengo, but he’s about to be sidelined. Snowdrop has come out of hiding to play once again. After witnessing Kouka’s defeat she wishes to secure her place in the future as soon as possible. Still, her way about doing things causes havoc. After Arato catches wind of her actions he’s on the case! All right, so how about some media now. Enjoy today’s infiltration!





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We’re slowly but surely approaching the end. I hope you’re still enjoying the viewing experience, and will continue to look forward to more here.

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