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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

She’s here to make everything better now.

A new magical girl has entered the scene. Her sudden arrival marks good fortune, but also comes bearing bad news. This particular girl has the power to heal others. Once she cuts herself with her stick the blood does all the work. Using this power has all our downed heroines now back up on their feet. Now, for the bad news. Kosame is slightly different from all the magical girls we’ve encountered so far. She got her stick from a different website. Turns out there is quite a few magical girl websites out there. Each one is also ran by a different administrator. Still, the end game of them all leads to the Tempest. Moreover, Kosame’s sudden arrival wasn’t just to healed the downed girls. She has come to recruit them into the fold. Numerous magical girls out there have learned of the truth behind the site. Tempest is coming very soon, and with it a revolt.

The truth behind the magical girl website has finally been revealed. Tempest will be the end of humanity. Still, why give out sticks to all these girls? Well, each girl was singled out due to their ability to generate negative energy. The sticks in turn consume this energy. The admins have a need for this energy, but for what purpose has yet to be revealed. As such a rebellion against the system is about to begin. In order to learn the truth behind Tempest the magical girls plan to capture an admin. However, the admins already know the girls have turned against them. It is soon to be an all out war, yet if they wish to live they have no choice but to fight the unknown. Anyhow, the road to recovery is over. It’s time to enjoy this week treat of Mahou Shoujo Site!





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