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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Kaos-sensei, run!

Today’s episode of Comic Girls is not for the light of heart. A ghost is haunting the dorm, and its specially come for Moeta. Her cute little cries for help only beckons this ghost further in. It’s almost as if this ghost is looking for someone. Now, just what could this ghost want? Could it be a place to belong? Anyhow, turns out there was never a ghost to begin with. Suzu Fuura is her name, and she formerly used to live at the dorm. Lately she has been feeling very lonely. As such she has come back to pay a visit. Oh, and did I mention she’s a horror mangaka. She means no harm, but does come off a bit strange to others. Still, all she wants is companionship. It took some time for Moeta to warm up to her, yet in the end she got what she needed.

The second half of episode 6 deals with the balance between school life and being a mangaka. As shown previously, making deadlines can be quite exhausting. In order to make her deadline, Tsubasa is working all night. School time is where her rest begins. Moreover, during episode 5 someone secret may have been revealed. One of the girls teachers is a cosplayer. Nijino-sensei now fears that the girls know, and might tell the world. Additionally, she’s also a huge fan of Tsubasa’s work. Now, these two may be at odd ends when it comes to school, but they have a common interest. It took some headbutting, still things turned out for the best.

Hopefully going forward Nijino-sensei should have a clear understanding for their tiredness. Knowing that they are all mangakas has put them in a different light. Furthermore, overall another fantastic episode here. The first half with Suzu was a blast to watch. I’ve captured all her best moments in the WebMs below, so make sure to check those out. Anyhow, ready to meet the ghost? Enjoy today’s horror piece!



ED: Today’s ending has a little addition.




Click here for the WebM album.


Today’s Japanese horror story is over. Still, be sure to visit us every Thursday for more Comic Girls!

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