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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

It’s a beach episode!

Koyume has had enough of the summer time heat. As such she has dragged the other girls along to the beach. At first she was the only one interested in enjoying the day, but after sometime the other girls finally got in on the action. Moreover, Koyume scores a date with Tsubasa. They may both be girls, yet Koyume’s eyes only long for her. In order to make sure the date goes off without a hitch the other house members tag along in secret. Its a date filled with thrills and feels over at the amusement park. Still, Koyume may come out of this experience feeling stronger than ever.

Episode 5 is for the most part just a fun episode. If you’re a lover of beach episodes, then now is your time. Additionally, the date was very typical of what you see from just about every anime date. The pair goes off for the date, and the rest of cast tag along in the shadows. Anyhow, the time to improve our manga skills will have to wait for next time. Now is the time to enjoy the beach!





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Today’s fun may be over, but we’ve got 7 more weeks of Comic Girls to go! Be sure to check back each week, and thank you for viewing!

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