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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Welcome to the kingdom!

Let’s begin by introducing our protagonist and heroine, Yona! Yona is the only heir of the peaceful Kouka Kingdom, and soon to be 16. Throughout her short life she has only known luxury behind her castle walls. Anything she demanded her father would happily give it over. No matter the accessory or dress Yona got what she asked for. Now, Yona may be on the spoiled side, but she can’t truly get everything she wants. Being the only heir to her kingdom leaves her with a rather unique duty. Her marriage will usher in a new king into the Kouka kingdom. However, this future king can only be picked by her father. This in turn leaves both father and daughter at odd ends. Yona, has only ever had eyes for one man. This man is her childhood sweet heart and cousin, Su-won. Unfortunately, Su-won is the one thing Yona’s father can not offer her, and we’ll soon find out why.

Yona’s birthday is right around the corner, and a special guest has come to celebrate. Her beloved Su-won has arrived a week early to see her. However, with his arrival comes a series of mysterious events. Most notably, Yona is chased after by a shadowy figure. Who this person is has yet to be revealed, but it would be a sign of things to come. Moreover, it would appear that things around the Kouka kingdom are not as they truly appear. After Yona’s grand birthday party her world would be torn asunder. Walking into her father’s dwelling that night gave her the shock of her life. Su-won, her beloved, has murdered the king and is leading a coup d’état. Even the castle guards seek to end Yona’s life. Still, there is at least one person on Yona’s side. Coming to her rescue in her most desperate moment, Hak is here to save the day!

Today’s posting of Akatsuki no Yona is being done by a special request. Now, I know a few others have made request here, and those are still being be worked on. However, just remember that I have a full schedule. As in I don’t have a single moment in my life I’m not doing something. So, future posting of this show may take some time. As for some of the other requests, they are coming soon. Additionally, Akatsuki no Yona is a totally new experience to me. I know nothing of its source material, so hopefully things don’t differ too far. Anyhow, let’s get this request under way. Enjoy the princess!





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Will princess Yona survive the night? Find out hopefully sometime soon here at, Anime Solution!

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