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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Time to push it to the limits.

The life of being a young Mangaka isn’t a easy one. Especially if your name is Kaos. Her most recent attempt for a new draft was yet again turned down. She may have talent, yet she needs improvements all over the place. As such she turns to her friends for some advice. It may hurt to hear the truth, but Kaos needs to work on her art. Nevertheless, all great artists should remember to watch their health. Kaoruko’s determination to improve ended up making her ill. Still, her effort here hopefully won’t be in vain. She has learned a great deal, and is taking steps forward to improve her game.

While episode 3 presented Kaos as a hard worker, moreover it also was a major fan service episode. Koyume isn’t shy about showing off her curves. You’ll be seeing an eyeful down below, so prepare thyself. Additionally, moving forward Comic Girls should start being posted around Thursday. Originally this wasn’t going to be covered here, but a last minute change of plans had to take place. Anyhow, there was plenty of excellent media during this episode. Took more than 6 hours of stitching, but it was worth it in the end. Now, onto the media. Enjoy!





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We’ll make the deadline for sure next time. So, please keep on looking forward to more Comic Girls here at, Anime Solution.


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