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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 27

by Yumiko

Let’s put this arc to bed.

Asta has been secured, and two of the invaders were captured by the Clover Kingdom. However, the Clover Kingdom did not come out on top. A majority of the White Night Eye’s got away. On top of that, they got what they came for. The gem that Fuegoleon once held is now in hands of the enemy. The purpose for these gems has not yet been revealed, still it was important enough to invade the very heart of a kingdom. Moreover, the Clover Kingdom has been left weaken. Fuegoleon won’t be returning any time soon. Additionally, there are traitors among Clover’s magical knights. Who they are, and what they seek is still up in the air. Still, one thing is for sure. This won’t be the last time we see the White Night Eye’s.

Episode 27 makes it very clear that the White Night Eye’s detest everything about the Clover Kingdom. Their goal is to eventually carve out a place in the world where they can belong. However, there is a bigger piece behind this. I can’t quite say it because it would be massive spoiler, and the anime won’t be getting there for a long time. Moreover, the ending of this episode puts us at chapter 37. Next time we’ll be starting with chapter 38, and a brand new arc! I hope you’re a fan of Sally. She’ll be getting a fair bit of spotlight going forward. Anyhow, let’s end this already. Enjoy the media!


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