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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s official!

The closing curtains have been drawn, but before that that we’ve got one final major development to uncover. Picking back up from last time, Nina, is desperately attempting to persuade Yuzu. Nina’s goal is to finally foresee her sister to happiness. However, Yuzu isn’t willing to back down on this matter. Both girls may have their eyes on Mei, yet Yuzu still needs to confess her true feelings. Moreover, the night prior to these events, Sara, found out that Yuzu and Mei are sisters. Realizing the entire situation she’s willing to giving Yuzu her chance to go after, Mei. Still, Mei is going to be playing hard to get. It will take one leap of faith, and words straight from the heart to get her to come around. For Yuzu, this opportunity meant everything. When all was said and done we’re giving one passionate loving kiss! Looks like these two sisters are now a thing.

All right, Mei and Yuzu are now officially dating! Hopefully no more drama, and their love only grows from here. Yeah, probably not. Anyhow, this is as far as the anime goes. Unless there is a season two you’ll have to continue on by reading the manga. If you enjoyed the show then I highly recommend it.

Now, let’s talk about the media as a whole. For a 12 episode anime I’d say Citrus was fairly average. Art wise the show started off quite strong. It remained consistent for about 2/3rd of the way through, then you could start to see some questionable art coming in. It was nothing too bad, but this is pretty typical for anime. There is almost always a fall off in quality in later episodes. As for the animation, well the biggest pieces had to do with yuri scenes. Personally, I loved them, but I know they are not without flaws. Still, it was an all around great viewing experience, and a pleasure to cover the media.

Finally, I’d like to thank all my Citrus review viewers! We’re still a small site, but I know a hand full of you were always here on the look out for the newest Citrus review. Anyways, let’s get this final kiss on the way. Enjoy!





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And that’s it for Citrus! I hope you’ll all continue to look forward to more here at, Anime Solution. Oh, and expect more yuri here real soon!

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