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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

She’ll go anywhere to fulfill a request.

Episode 11 takes Violet back to the battlefield. Yet, she won’t be spilling any blood today. The request sent to CH Postal is from a garrisoned soldier. This soldier is currently located at Menace Base, which puts him right on the front lines of the Ctrigall civil war. Normally the request would be denied, but Violet takes it on without a second thought. Now, getting to this base won’t be easy, and it’s a race against time. Aiden Field, the solider who sent the request is heading for battle. In order to reach today’s requester, Violet, is coming in from above. Unfortunately, once Violet secures her target she learns that he’s critically wounded. Still, the request must go on. Violet is able to hold Aiden together just long enough to get his final words out. One letter is to be sent to his mother and father. Additionally, a very special letter is to be sent to his childhood friend, Maria. These two grew up together and fell in love with one another. However, fate took Aiden away from her and he’ll sadly never physically return. Although his final loving words will reach her thanks to, Violet.

Talk about non-stop stop feels with Violet Evergarden. Experiencing Aiden’s slow death, and having Violet air type out his final words was truly stunning. Each week just takes this show to higher heights. Moreover, I have to say Violet’s talent as a Doll really is top notch now. Seeing where she started and where she is now. It’s honestly amazing to see such character growth. Anyhow, this post is a bit late, so the media calls. Enjoy today’s skydive!





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The tears just don’t stop flowing here. Stay tuned for weekly Violet Evergarden updates here at, Anime Solution!

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