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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Our star doll is back on her feet!

Episode 10 presents Violet with a week long ghostwriting request. However, the focus of this episode is not on the ghostwriting nor on Violet. Anne, the daughter of today’s contract holder will be our focus. At the start of this episode Anne is only 7 years old. She lost her father during the war and her mother is currently very ill. She’s so ill that her time with Anne is shortly coming to an end. Prior arrangements are currently being planned to keep this mother’s love alive. However, Anne doesn’t quite get what’s going on. She doesn’t understand why her mother is wasting what little time they have left together on letters. She also see Violet as bad news and is stealing away her precious time. The week Violet spends under this roof is very emotional to say the least. The mother is barely able to keep up, still they do make it in time. With the completion of 50 years worth of birthday letters the contract is complete. Now, even if Anne’s mother is physically gone her love will still remain for years to come.

Man, now this episode is a real tearjerker. The concept here isn’t new, but how this all played out really pulled some heart strings. The ending really tops things off. Watching Anne grow and read her letters…My heart can only take so much! Anyhow, another fantastic episode of Violet Evergarden is over. Time to dry up those tears and move on forward. Enjoy today’s heartbreaking media!





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Today’s loving episode may be over, but we’ve still got 4 more to go! Stick around for more, Violet Evergarden, here at, Anime Solution.

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nizhoneaya (@guest_4137)
2 years ago

hope you make more of other anime like demon slayer and haikyuu

nizhoneaya (@guest_4136)
2 years ago

it is really good