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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Could this be, destiny?

Well, Christmas night naughty time was a bust. Mei was more than willing, however Yuzu stopped before things went too far. After that night things between these sisters have been silent. A couple weeks have now passed and it’s time for a school trip. As destiny would have it, Yuzu, misses the train. While waiting at the train station, Yuzu, meets, Sara. She’s also on a school trip and missed her train as well. Sara, is a deep believer in fate. As such this meeting was all according to plan. Anyhow, the two must now ride together in order to meet back up with their classes. During their mini-adventure Yuzu confide in, Sara. Her recent falling out with Mei is eating her up inside. Sara, reassures her that that night was just a fluke. Yuzu just needs to admit her feelings. Unfortunately, when the time came for the sisters to finally talk things don’t end so well. Mei simply just said to forget about the night. On top of this, Nina, Sara’s younger sister overhears them talking. Yuzu is just left shocked in the moment.

Okay, so we’re coming up towards the end here. Only just 2 more episodes remain. Expect the drama to kick into overdrive, but a sweet ending is approaching, too! Anyways, I’d watch out for that Sara girl. Her belief in destiny has her eyeing Mei just a tad much. Now, how about that media. Enjoy the pre-game drama.





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