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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Everything is coming together.

The last few episodes has shown the actions, consequences, and plans of several characters. Now, all those parties are on the verge of teaming up or clashing. Today’s main event begin on the streets within the kingdom of Re-Estize. Sebas, save a child from a bunch of thugs. While this was going on two other noteworthy characters were passing by. One of them was, Climb. The young knight was instantly captured by Sebas’s ability to instill fear in his opponents. After healing the child he chases after Sebas in hopes that he could learn from him. Sebas, first test Climb’s character and gives him a lesson he won’t soon forget. Meanwhile, from the shadows, Brain, watches in fear. This broken warrior is amazed by Climb’s ability to stand his ground. After seeing that Brain just might be ready to come back out of his shell. Moreover, our daring butler has a target on his head now. Assassins are here to cut him down, but they are dispatched as quickly as they came.

Remarkably, today’s skirmish with the assassins caused three unlikely characters to team up with one another. Sebas is of course being targeted by the eight fingers and has no choice but to deal with now. Then there’s Climb whose duty is to protect the kingdom. We also now have, Brain. He’s a defeated warrior that is now attempting to find his way again. The three of them now head for some dangerous territory. How will things go down? We’ll just have to to wait and see. Anyhow, that a wrap for today. Enjoy the media!





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The pieces are just falling into place. Find out where our new found trio head next time here at, Anime Solution!

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