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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Time for the real battle to begin!

Now that Lotus has been dealt with the true boss awaits. Meanwhile, the Golden Dawn party has been dealing with him for some time now. Mars isn’t any old regular mage. He’s an elite warrior raised by the Diamond kingdom with only one goal in mind, kill or be killed. Even for Yuno this opponent proves to be too much. Luckily his rival is right around the corner. Asta’s time to shine in the dungeon is now. Mars’ may be one of the greatest products of the Diamond kingdom, but nobody ever expects the anti-magic warrior.

All right, surprisingly this episode was at least one step-up from the past couple. The action here proved quite entertaining. You’ll notice quite a few WebMs below showcasing it. Anyhow, this fight may appear over, but I have a feeling there’s more to come. So, let’s get to that juicy action. Enjoy and remember to never give up!





Click here for the WebM album.


The battle is over for now, or is it? Stay tuned for more action packed episode of Black Clover here at, Anime Solution!

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