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Nanatsu no Bitoku T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

There’s nothing like a hard day’s work!

The angel of Diligence is the 4th angel to decent to this moral world. Sandalphon is one hard worker and she’s looking for a Messiah with equal qualities. As such a student studying for exams is her pick of the lot. However, before Messiah training can begin studying must be completed first. Still, Sandalphon isn’t one to kick back while her Messiah studies away. She’s hard at work building inventions to help him out. Whether these inventions are helpful is up to interpretation, though.

So, this week we had a guest appearance from, Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai. Belphegor, aids Sandalphon at the start of the episode. I guess not every demon and angel are at one another throat. Moreover, this was another asset focused episode. Honestly I’m surprised. Going into this show I felt it would be all about oppai. Instead we’ve gotten a healthy mix. Glad to see the entire female form is getting the appreciation it deserves. Anyhow, let’s get that hard work going. Enjoy and a reminder to insert!





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And with that our 4th angel has been uncovered. Stay tuned for more heavenly lewds here at, Anime Solution!

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