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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Ever felt lonely?

We’re off to Astraea this week for a rather large gathering. Shaher Astronomy HQ, has recently acquired a large volume of rare books. However, these books are in rather poor condition and there’s a threat of knowledge being lost. In order to preserve this knowledge for generations to come Auto Memoir Dolls from across the continent have been contacted for help. Eighty Dolls and eighty men from the Manuscript Department will pair up to get the work done within two weeks. One these Dolls will of course be, Violet Evergarden. Accompany her this week will be, Leon Stepanotis. An unlikely pair, but the two have much in common with one another.

Leon and Violet start off a bit rough, yet their work speed is above and beyond everyone else. This leads to some other men calling out Leon for who he is. Violet, stands her ground, though. Any insult they threw towards Leon was also one to her. The two are both orphans with rather dark pasts. After that event Leon asked Violet out to a once in a life time event. A comet that only appears once every 200 years is about to pass earth. During their star gazing Leon is inspired by Violet’s growth as a person. She has overcome so much during her short life and still continues to move forward. Meanwhile, he is stuck forever waiting for his parents to one day return. However, after meeting and learning from Violet it’s time to move on. Leon is ready to explore the world.

While today’s episode had a lot of Leon focus, Violet did get something out of it, too. Leon, taught her what it feels like to be lonely. Violet is still having trouble showing any emotion. Still, the feeling of loneliness has been felt by everyone. Violet, just couldn’t quite put it to words yet. Being apart from those you love always makes the heart heavy. Anyhow, that’s enough for today’s episodic adventure. Enjoy the media!





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Another loving journey is over. Find out where we head from here next time at, Anime Solution!

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