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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Papa’s home!

What Mei desires has finally returned or has it? Mei’s long awaited reunion with her Papa goes sour fast. It turns out Mei is in love with a image of her father that has long passed. As a young child Mei looked up to her strict father that would one day lead the academy. Even when he departed she believed he would one day return. In his absence she would fill the void and uphold the academy for him. However, Mei’s papa has changed quite a bit since those days. Life is always full of sudden changes, and for Mei’s papa things have changed a lot. Still, Mei is stuck with a dream that will never come to past. It’s now up to Yuzu to mend this father-daugther relationship before time runs out.

There’s plenty of drama this episode, but we also had some great girl on girl action, too. And for the first time we had consent between the two step-sisters! Only took 6 episodes for them to both calm down. Moreover, after today’s episode Mei’s dream has changed. She has accepted that her father will not return. Instead she will now work to lead the academy for herself. Hopefully she doesn’t overwork herself doing so. Lastly, looks like we got a new girl coming in next week. That will be a whole new set of drama for next time. Anyhow, let’s get the tears out. Enjoy the kiss!





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Looks like a new set of drama is heading towards, Yuzu. Find out who the new girl is next time and look forward to more!

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