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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko


Catch that thief! Sekke’s mission to apprehend the black market thief is on. Yet, Asta is first to spring into action. Sekke, won’t let his glory be stolen today. Rushing right into the thief he puts him down for good. Our wicked thief isn’t going down alone, though. He takes out a poisoned dagger and stabs Sekke’s foot. Things get a tad dramatic, but the poison was nothing more than a muscle numb. The thief was taken away by Sekke and the goods were returned to the old women. However, unknown to everyone the old women is actually the Wizard King! He’s a lover of unknown magics, and seeing Asta first hand has sparked his curiosity.

Okay, so the later half of the episode is 100% anime original. Not really going to get too much into it, but it’s just a revenge plot onto, Yuno. Salim, the boy that Yuno defeated and embarrassed during the magical knights trial is back. He’s to be escorted to the Heart Kingdom by the Golden Dawn. However, on their way there a series of actions and decisions appear very off. Salim’s plot will be revealed next time!

Sadly the next episode will be entirely 100% anime original. I do believe after that things should start being cannon again. I must say for having 51 episodes one would think you’d cover as must as possible without filler. Only time will tell where they end with this one. Anyhow, media time everyone! Enjoy.





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It’s getting real original in here. Find out where this original plot ends next time here at, Anime Solution!

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