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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Ready to restart?

Chise and Elias are finally back together, but first time for a quick shave. Summer is here and so are the Wooly Bugs. Elias, has been tasked with gathering some of their wool by, Angelica. Once most of the work had been finished, Elias, leaves for a moment to get a bag. Before he leaves he warns Chise to stay away from any irregular looking bugs. Still, out of no where a snow bug attacks, Chise. This bug saps the warmth out of her. While things looked grim, Elias, shows up just in time to fend off the bug. Chise faints after the whole ordeal, yet a great opportunity was about to present itself.

Since their reunion they had yet to have a chance to talk. Now within the garden the two can finally be alone and have a one on one. Chise, drops a daring question first. Does she look tasty? Elias, was quick to react, but not in the right way. Moreover, Chise is ready to talk fully about her former family. She has finally opened up with, Elias. However, Elias isn’t one to talk about his past. Chise is glad to get things off her chest, yet Elias won’t do the same. Lastly, late at night the household is visited by, Ashen Eye. He’s come to celebrate the birth of a new mage. However, he’s quick to make his true intentions clear. Chise, has once again been snatched away.

Well, that didn’t take long for Chise to be back into the thick of trouble. Prepare for some action over the next few episodes. Additionally, if you didn’t watch the 3 part OVA series, then you probably should now. This episode very and I mean very briefly brushed over it. I reviewed them here too, so check them out! Anyhow, let’s get this 2nd cour underway. Enjoy the media!


OP: Episode 13 introduces a new opening. However, do note that it’s mostly made up of scenes from the first 12 episodes.


Episode 13:




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Chise is in trouble yet again! What will Elias do as he watches his apprentice be snatched away? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution!

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