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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Lizard negotiations in progress.

War is coming and many matters must be settled. The Green Claw tribe gathers in order to decide if they flee or fight. War is decided upon, but standing up alone would be foolish. Zaryusu, proposes that all the tribes should unite in order to stand a chance against the coming threat. However, the Green Claw tribe have strained relations with two of these tribes. As such, Zaryusu, takes it upon himself with his brother blessing to bring them into the fold. They either join them or be put down. His first destination would be, the Red Eye tribe. Entrance into the village was easy enough, yet when he entered the acting chiefs hut something unbelievable happened. Zaryusu, experiences love at first sight. Moreover, there’s more pressing matters at hand. After a rather long exchange of words and emotions, Lulu, agrees to unite and help, Zaryusu. Now the two head for, the Dragon Tusk tribe. Upon arrival, Zaryusu, is greeted by the chief and challenged to a duel. Within this tribe strength does the talking.

Okay, so this was a heavy lizard dialogue episode. However, I’m glad they aren’t skipping over this as it really brings the larger story to come together. Just prepare yourself for another Lizard focused episode and then the war should begin. Anyhow, onto the media. Enjoy today’s presentation!





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War is coming, but first a duel. Ready thy defenses, the undead march.

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