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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

May thy soul bloom and blossom evermore.

It’s time for another new show to be covered here at, Anime Solution. This time I’ll be exploring the world of Beatless. Anyhow, let’s begin with introducing our MC, Arato. Arato, unlike his fellow peers views the world a tad differently. Robots or hIEs are a common sight within this universe. However, many people care little for them or even display heavy resentment for them. Yet, Arato treats these robots like any other person he would encounter. His kindness to either human or robot knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, an unprecedented situation is taking place within Arato’s city. What would take place that night would forever change Arato’s life. 5 Lacia-class humanoids are on the loose. A cleanup crew is sent to dispose them, but they were no match at all. Once they got out into the city the real trouble began. One of them begins to cause havoc. Arato is quickly caught up in the situation and nearly killed. On the brick of death another of the Lucia types step in to save him. She’s model 005 and she’s also looking for an owner. Ready to accept the terms and conditions, Arato? Once the contract is signed, Lucia, was able to end today’s threat. Still, this is just the beginning for, Arato. Now how to explain this whole situation back at home?

Well, a good deal took place just within episode one. There’s also a number of problems one can see from the get go. As an episode one the art was rather on the poorer side. Quite unfortunate since the preview videos made this look a lot better. This is also going to be one of those shows that’s going to drop a big twist later on. So, if you’re not into that be prepared. Aside from those things, Lucia is a real cutie. I could probably watch this just for her alone. Arato, got real lucky that night. Anyways, ready for some robot-butt? Enjoy the media!







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