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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Time to begin anew.

After 4 long years of war the conflict has ended. Yet, there’s one girl whose just not ready to let it all go. During the final act of the war, Violet, was grievously injured. The last 4 months has kept her bedridden. However, it’s finally time for her to be released. Hodgins, a former colonel of the military has come to fetch her. Upon his arrival Violet only has one thing on her mind. Where is Major Gilbert? The question is quickly brushed aside for the moment. For now, Hodgins, must convince Violent that it’s time to move on. Hodgins has come on the behest of Gilbert to give Violent a real human life.

Violent’s reintegration into society won’t be an easy task. As a child she only knew war and death. Hodgins, following the wishes of Gilbert transports Violet to her new adoptive family. However, such a life is not what she wants. She would rather be tossed away into the dump if she can no longer be of service. Hodgins now has no choice but to let her tag along with him. After the war Hodgins left the military and shortly after opened up a postal service. It’s here Violet will begin her new life and find meaning in the last words she heard from, Gilbert. On her 2nd day of work a man walks in requesting a ghostwriting. These writings are done by the Dolls of the postal office. The Dolls are able to take a customer words and write them down in the most gracious of manners. This customer in particular wished to convey his feelings to a distant love interest. Upon seeing this whole scene Violet now knew what she wanted to do. She wishes to work with the Auto Memoir Dolls and find the meaning in love.

Well, visually this one is quite impressive. Although this is a typical Kyoto Animation affair at this point. I can’t solely base my judgment of this show on looks alone, though. The plot has just merely began, still I’m hoping things do pick up from here. Honestly after watching this twice now I’m a bit on the fence if this can hold my attention for 13 more episodes, but we’ll see. I hope for the best with each show I review no matter what. Anyhow, enough chatter and time for some media. Enjoy the garden!





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