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Fate/Apocrypha T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

All thrones must crumble…

Saber of Red has finally come to end the wicked reign of Assassin of Red. However, the empress of poison confidently sits upon her throne. The central room is filled with poison, thus Saber has no choice but to kick her master out. Sisigou, can only wait until an opportunity presents itself to help his servant. Meanwhile, Assassin of Red goes all out even to the point of almost breaking, Mordred. Mordred, upon the brink of losing it all recalls her true wish and is willing to sacrifice it all in order to win the fight. Summoning the last of her strength she breaks her Master into the room. Sisigou, rushes for his servant even at the expensive of his own body. Upon reaching Mordred he immediately injects her with an antidote for the poison. Mordred is restored and ready to end it. With their final command seal she takes down Assassin of Red with a single blow. Semiramis’s throne is finally no more. Unfortunately for our young master the wounds he received during the fight were too much. Mordred and Sisigou have one final smoke before departing together.

Moreover, Ruler, has finally reached the greater grail. Yet, awaiting her was Caster of Red. His first act of business was unleashing his noble phantasm onto her. Ruler is then trapped within a world showing the horrors of her former life. In just three acts Ruler is broken. Shakespeare truly has a way with his works, eh? Anyhow, his powers to hold her back are a bit limited. Still, the physiological damage done to her could spell the end.

Well, the end is quickly approaching here. Next time the last remaining fight begins. Expect a few more loses, but someone does have to come out on top. So, keep looking forward to more. Now onto the media. Enjoy this last piece of Mordred!





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The final fight begins next time. Don’t miss out and look forward to more here at, Anime Solution!

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