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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Run, baby, run!

What’s left of the class continues to run for their very lives. Furthermore, previously we left off with Nobuaki attempting to sacrifice himself for, Riona. However, lady luck is still on his side for now. Masatoshi, takes the hit from below the depths. Unfortunately another 8 hours is quickly approaching. As fate would have it another ally is willing to lay down their life for, Nobuaki. Although he attempts to off himself again, Aimi, does the unthinkable. She runs back in order to buy him some more time. Thus another head rolls. Finally the entire class is close to the finish line. Yet, one last obstacle is about to get in everyone way. This obstacle goes by the name of, Natsuko. She’s planning to take them all down one by one. There’s only 5 left before the credits roll and Natsuko stands before them all.

Well, this can only end in one possible way with one episode left. I won’t spoil it, but expect a blood bath. Additionally, we got the final flash back of the show, hopefully. Chiemi’s fate and the ending of the previous game was finally shown. Nobuaki, truly had it rough. Anyhow, with that let’s get on to today’s running. Enjoy the media!





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Well, boys and girls one final episode remains…Ready for the body count to rise? Find out the conclusion soon here at, Anime Solution.

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