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Imouto sae Ireba Ii. T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

It’s all in the family.

This has been hinted at over the course of the series, yet we’re finally tackling it on this late. Itsuki, has a very rough relationship with his family. During his 2nd year of middle school his mother passed away. Then during high school his father remarried. The remarriage brought along the growing rift between father and son. It also brought along a sibling. Chihiro and Itsuki have a relationship, but it’s somewhat based on a lie. This lie being that Chihiro is actually a female not a male. Everyone besides Itsuki’s circle knows the truth. However, after 4 years how long can she keep it up? People are finding out one by one. Moreover, the two sibling finally get to have some much needed bonding time. Turns out the two have never truly been alone. Chihiro, couldn’t be happier going out with her, Nii-san. Sadly, the night ends on a rough note. Due to a train mishap, Itsuki, calls a taxi for them both. When they arrived at there family home their father was waiting. It was only brief moment, but it showed the strain of a broken family.

Family issues, yeah it’s never easy. Things like this typically will mend themselves, but it will require quite some time. Chihiro, isn’t happy at all about the situation though. Her goal for now is to have her father and brother make up as soon as possible. Although it doesn’t seem Itsuki is quite ready yet. Only time will tell if he’s ready to open back up. Anyhow, onto the media! There were a couple fun parts during this episode, so enjoy!


And just two more end cards to go! Bottoms up.




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