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Imouto sae Ireba Ii. T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Nothing like a little TRPG time!

Get those imaginations working as it’s time to cheer up, Haruto. Haruto, is without a doubt going through a very difficult time. His anime is bombing and Twitter is tearing him apart. Itsuki, remembers that, Haruto, wanted to play a TRPG once things had settled down. However, after recent events a little fun is what’s needed right now. Itsuki, calls in the gang and our adventure begins. Haruto, will be acting as the Game Master and everyone else will be adventures. As fate would have it our gang decides to be sisters. Their TRPG experience takes them all over the place. They fight hoodlums, commit public indecency, get arrested, tasked with a quest by a princess, get attacked by a tentacle monster, and save the kingdom! Yeah, a lot happened, but it was a blast. After all is done and said, Haruto, really enjoyed his time around, Miyako. So much that he’s now interested in her. He drops one final daring question before the credits roll. Does Miyako have a boyfriend?

Well, this episode is without a doubt the most stitching intensive episode I’ve worked on this season. I ended up with a total of 56 stitches and there’s room for even more. Anyhow, this episode acts a lot like a slide show. Hence the amount of required stitching. There’s still some animation, but remember they are using their imaginations to make this game work. Additionally, this episode had a whole lot of fan service. Nayuta’s special ability during the game called for doing lewd acts with other members to power them up. Miyako, was the only dish for her and things truly get naughty. Moreover, we had a lot of censorship with this episode. During the tentacle attack it really stuck out. It’s likely this will be removed with the blu-ray, but you never know these days. So, how about some media now? Enjoy!





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Love troubles inbound. Find out how it all goes down next time here at, Anime Solution!


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