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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

From death comes life.

Today’s episode of, Mahoutsukai no Yome, shows the true beauty of life. However, before that let’s get back to last week cliffhanger. Chise, was suddenly plucked from the ground by a dragon. Things would appear grim, but there’s a happy ending to this dragon ride. Upon landing she is welcomed to the final land of the dragons. The man who had taken her was none other than an old friend of, Elias. A brief introduction for, Lindel, is given. He’s a mage and the caretaker of the dragons. Elias and him have some business to take care of. In the meantime Chise is left behind to play with the younger dragons. During her stay she encounters, Nevin. He is an ancient dragon and the last of his generation. His time is coming to an end, yet he does not fear death. Chise, can’t quite understand this, but an old dragon such as Nevin has lived his life to the fullest. Nevin, looks into Chise’s memories and see she’s quite troubled. Her upbringing has even made her envy the dead. Nevin, decides to take Chise on his final flight. This is a rare experience that very few have ever witnessed. And it was one beautiful experience to behold. As Nevin departs he brings in new life to this world.

Breath taking episode, what can I say! Chise, has a lot of healing to do, but I believe what Nevin did for her here will go a long way. Progress had been made and it’s time to keep moving forward. A new adventure will begin starting with episode 4. Anyhow, time for this week media. Enjoy!





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