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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Flip flap flip flap!

Today I present one of my most beloved anime, Flip Flappers! This series aired during the 2016 fall season. However, fans have not soon forgotten the fun of pure illusion. As such I believe a blu-ray review highlighting the fantastic media of this series is more than in order.

Episode 1 jumps right into the action which may confuse some viewers. Flip Flappers, is the type of show that requires a bit of thinking, but everything will be answered as the series progresses. From the get go you’re introduced to our two main heroines, Cocona and Papika. Their relationship is a bit of a mystery right now, but shortly after the episode begins they unite and plunge right into pure illusion. Pure illusion is honestly one of the most breath taking pieces of work I’ve seen in anime. Although pure illusion may be beautiful it does include a very dangerous aspect to it as well. Anyhow, once our duo is in full sequence the fun begins! I won’t delay the media any longer, enjoy!


The pairing was already confirmed by episode 1, hehe <3





Click here for the WebM album.


There’s more Flip Flappers to come here at, Anime Solution! However, do note that once the winter 2017 season starts I will not be able to put a ton of focus on this series. I will still make my best effort to get out as much Flip Flappers as possible. Anyhow, thank you for viewing my work!



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Jaycekun (@jayce)
6 years ago

If only this was what actually happened when two friends love each other.