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KanColle Movie Media Review

by Yumiko

Anime Solution presents, KanColle the Movie, as its first media review!

Before I begin it’s important to note that if you haven’t seen at least the first 3 episodes of the first season of Kantai Collection then you may be a bit lost viewing this movie. Moreover, this movie plot is a direct result of two things. One, Fubuki’s history prior to the story of the first season and the consequences of episode 3 from season one. The combination of these two make for one action packed feature length film.

The media presented below attempts to portray the various aspects of this film. First and foremost the film had a lot of action. In fact the movie starts off with navel combat. Below you’ll see a great mixture of images and WebMs that show off the movie to the fullest. Additionally, anyone who is into Kantai knows that it does have a good bit of fanservice. So you’ll be happy to know that they did include a few great shots of that as well. Expect to see some butts and pantsu down there. Lastly, the film does incorporate some fun/cute moments. However, unlike the T.V. anime which had a more light hearted tone to it the movie kicks it up a notch. Anyhow, let’s get on to the goods, enjoy!





Click here for the full WebM album.


Thank you everyone for viewing my first work here at, Anime Solution! Hopefully this wasn’t too load heavy, but this is a movie after all. This was quite the task to take on as I’ve never actually covered a movie. Quite the challenge, but well worth it. Future post will focus on T.V. series, however until the fall 2017 season begins I’ll be doing an assortment of posts. Look forward to more soon and thank you once again!


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Jaycekun (@jayce)
6 years ago

Wow! That’s some true friendship!