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Assault Lily: Bouquet T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Pick up the pace!

There’s only so much they can fit into a 23-minute segment finale, though they really went the extra mile with this one. They’ve defeated last week’s foe and the final boss with two separate one-shot mechanics. Somewhere in between all that madness, they even had time for a bath scene. Nonetheless, it’s about time we wrapped this ride up. Let’s get to picking this apart, shall we?

Story: 5/10

I’ll make it straight from the beginning, this story is watchable by all means. The very premise this is built upon has been done many times in the past. Unfortunately, the story told throughout these weekly episodes were practically soulless. Assault Lily came off as if they wanted to tell a compelling story, then put the least amount of effort possible. It really comes down to this just being an advertisement. While it’s understandable they wanted to sell the girls, there’s better ways to do that than what was presented. On top of that, this show had way too many characters. The character bloat was so bad even Hitotsuyanagi Squad suffered because of it. You could actually remove 2/3rd of the cast and nothing would change. A lot of these girls were simply NPC tier, and that is not a good thing.

Art/Animation: 8/10

If nothing else, Shaft remained relatively strong in this category. The final episode didn’t really help their case, but previous episodes had notable animation. Yuri perhaps had the best cuts of action throughout the whole shebang. The only real knock against them were the CG models, though that’s more of a general anime problem. One of these days they’ll figure out how not to break immersion, right? Additionally, since the main product was the girls, then you can guess how they were looking. While I wouldn’t claim any of them were outstanding, they all had their own appeal going on.

Enjoyment: 5/10

As the target audience for such a show, I can’t say I’m very impressed. Even the fan service felt rather disappointing. Those bath scenes could’ve been memorable, but instead they just put me to bed. It was almost as if they wanted to mimic Ange Vierge. If you don’t know anything about that show, then know that it was a promotional disaster. Unless you’re completely in love with the yuri undertones, and have your eyes glued to the thighs, it’s hard to say they did anything well. I can’t even say a single character held the show up. So much for spamming their names every episode.

I’m letting this one go with an easy 6. While I could certainly go harder on this one, there’s far worse out there every season. All I can say is try not to make the advertisement so blatant next time. You’re really getting shameless these days, Shaft. Anyhow, it’s time for a happy ending. Enjoy the one-shot combo!


The void returns once more.


End Card:




I hardly knew ye. That’s it for the Lilies here.

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