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Majo no Tabitabi T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Step aside, Elaina.

Before Elaina begins her next journey the stage must first be set. This episode took a look at several characters we’ve come to know. Although Elaina isn’t fully aware of their history, her mother, Sheila, and Fran used to be a common sight. Her next destination, Qunorts, will be an extra special one. This was where Fran and Sheila truly became friends. Anyhow, the Town of Freedom is within viewing distance. Enjoy taking on a second apprentice!






We’re almost there. Elaina takes back the stage next time.

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Adam Kohut
Adam Kohut (@guest_4036)
2 years ago

Thank you once again for the amazing shots! This episode was full of really great photo opportunities and I can always count on this site to provide the best shots!.. this was an excellent episode as well, was great to see all three teachers at once, also Elaina looks exactly like her mother, at least we know how will Elaina look like when she’ll be adult.

Joshi (@joshi_lolxd)
2 years ago

they do an excellent job uwu  :ASokay: