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Majo no Tabitabi T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Not even time will heal this wound.

Despite the outcome of this episode, I can’t say it was superb or awful. If this episode aired earlier in the season, then the character progression here would’ve been noteworthy. This just came off as an odd place to draw the line in the sand. One could easily argue past adventures were on par with this one or even worse. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Elaina not just flying away as if nothing happened. Now only time will tell if she handles future delicate situations differently. Anyhow, Estelle did what needed to be done. Enjoy a short-lived trip to the past!




This is probably as bloody as it will ever get. Look forward to three more exciting journal entries.

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MingZih (@guest_4225)
1 year ago

i like the blood that physically splash…but it might have some unphysical action over there..at least the content have not been censored.

LoneSoul66 (@guest_4026)
3 years ago

dark and savage episode