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Date A Live II Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

It’s time to take the stage!

Down on the ground, Shido and his classmates participate in a festival for their freedom. Though few are aware, a loss against Miku means she’ll be taking everything. While these two schools were fighting over points, another battle was taking place in the sky. In order to protect the one she loves, Origami has broken all the rules again. Still, there’s only so much she can do alone. Even the best can use a hand at times.

I don’t often talk about the amount of work that goes into these posts, but this one was something else. Coming in at a record-breaking 103 stitches for a single episode, this was a lot of panning. On top of that, Date A Live is the most difficult series I’ve had the pleasure of working on. So if you’re ever wondering why these posts are taking so long, well you should have somewhat of an idea now. They don’t make stitching this one easy. Despite all that, Miku’s performance was quite nice. It was a delight to see a musical performance not done in full CG. Anyhow, we’re doing it live. Enjoy singing your heart out!





They’re going to need some backup. The results are in next time!

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Asphroxia (@guest_4022)
3 years ago

Am not dead <3 some nice rare bailey material
appreciate the work!

Asphroxia (@guest_4147)
Reply to  Yumiko
2 years ago

Hope you’re doing okay
Was curious if this is still on your to-do list

Asphroxia (@guest_4149)
Reply to  Yumiko
2 years ago

Awh that’s sad to hear but I’m glad you’re putting your health first!
Take a much deserved rest then 😀 hopefully you still find enjoyment in the weekly posts.

Speaking of DAL, are you looking forward to s4?