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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 149

by Yumiko

Have you seen her glasses?

This week’s episode was mostly on the fun side. We’re going back to the Heart Kingdom, though not for training reasons. Princess Loropechika has once again lost her glasses, and Asta jumped into action in an instant. Nonetheless, Loropechika is no stranger to losing or breaking her glasses. While the Black Bulls effort was noted, Gaja later arrived with a fresh new batch for the princess. Moreover, this chapter gave some closure to the whole Devil Believers incident. The gap between the peasants and nobles may soon be coming to a close. An item that Prince Lumiere never got to complete during his life will see the light of day. Anyhow, the Clover Kingdom continues to take steps forward. Enjoy submitting the proper paper work!





Time for some focus on the ladies. The Blue Rose takes the stage next Tuesday.

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