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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 147

by Yumiko

Is that a willing prisoner?

Unable to wait for reinforcements, Asta and Noelle rushed ahead without further orders. It wasn’t long before they caught up with the Devil Believers, though Asta didn’t come looking for a fight. He’s simply wants to talk. Unfortunately, his words were unable to reach the leaders of the Devil Believers, Bow and Dazu. Although they share similar upbringings, they can not afford to turn back now. Even at the cost of their lives, everyone within the Devil Believers were prepared to pay the ultimate cost. With talking going nowhere, Asta offered himself up in exchange for Nero. However, this only gave the Devil Believers further offerings if they reach their destination. They’ll be taking Asta and Noelle along with them. Just as they were about to cross the border, Magna and Yami appeared. Still, the Devil Believers have an ace up their sleeve. While they may be weak as individuals, Dazu’s magic just may give them the edge they’re looking for.

While I didn’t believe they could drag this out any further, they’ve found a way. This chapter was all talking and panning shots. As such, don’t expect any video content within this post. Still, I must say I resonate with a lot of the issues the Devil Believers brought up throughout this episode. Being at the bottom leaves one exposed to so many unfortunate events. I’ve had to deal with being insulted or humiliated several times while working on Anime Solution. It’s not easy being weak or poor, so it’s somewhat understandable how the Devil Believers gained such a large following. There really just isn’t any silver lining for some of us out there. Anyhow, we’ll surely get some action soon. Enjoy talking it out with the Devil Believers!



Just how many more episodes of this can we endure? Look forward to a few more here at, Anime Solution.

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