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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Not another bad end!

Gamindustri’s favorite little sisters have come down with the Bad End Syndrome. While a cure to all their problems is possible, they’ll have to cross over to another dimension to obtain it. Accompanied by Vert, Neptune reunites with two familiar faces, Peashy and Pururut. However, they weren’t the only ones to greet them. The other goddesses also have their counterparts. Nonetheless, they don’t have much time to mess around. In order to obtain four Shimmering Flowers, they must ascend a 10,000 floor dungeon. On top of that, Neptune and Vert only have three hours before their way back home closes permanently. Despite the daunting task ahead, the other goddesses vowed to protect them throughout their adventure. With a little luck, Neptune was able to find just what they needed. Unfortunately, she won’t be making it back home in time. Unable to leave Peashy alone in combat, she sent Vert back home alone. However, this tale won’t end on a sour note. Just as Neptune and the other goddesses were about to exit the dungeon, they accidentally opened a permanent gate between both their worlds. New friendships were quickly established, and Neptune and Peashy will never be separated again.

That should just about do it for our coverage of this title. Although there is another OVA out there, I can’t say for certain Anime Solution and I will be around by the time it drops on blu-ray. Even with that said, it’s been an absolute joy to cover the Neptunia girls. There’s hardly ever a dull moment when this cast takes the stage. So, ready to have two times the fun? Enjoy meeting the goddesses from the other side!


Just the frame I was looking for. This is how you do a transformation sequence!




They’ll never be separated again. The ride never ends within Gamindustri!

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