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Anime Solution Turns 3!

by Yumiko

We’re walking and talking now!

After three very, very, long years, I’m proud to announce Anime Solution has turned three years old. In fact, one could say we’ve nearly come full circle. We started with the Kantai movie and finished the T.V. show yesterday. Now, while I would love to say look forward to many more years to come, Anime Solution is in a difficult spot at the moment. If you were around for the summer 2020 post, well you should have somewhat of an idea of what I’m getting at. However, I believe I wasn’t very clear during that post. Leading up to this season and during it, Anime Solution received the most requests ever. Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to cover the majority of your requests. What I do here is something I look forward to every day, though there are some issues behind the scenes I can no longer ignore. So, let’s start picking at the heart of the problems and our future….

Why is Anime Solution slowly coming to a halt?

The heart of this issue is… Yumiko can no longer afford to live and keep Anime Solution going at its current pace. Whether you recognize this or not, Anime Solution cost a significant amount of money. I’ve personally poured thousands of dollars into this website. Between the continual need for website upgrades, fixing problems, wear and tear, and my ability to keep my self alive, it’s about to become an impossible task. We have a few imminent show stoppers coming up, too. Anime Solution’s and my own disk space is about to run out. On top of that, several pieces of my hardware will likely collapse soon. There’s not a single day when my monitors aren’t dying on me. Despite all that grim news, the website should be alive at least until the end of the year. I’ll continue to do my utmost to close us out if the worst happens. Furthermore, if you would like to aid Anime Solution, or even keep Yumiko stitching away, then I ask that you take a look at our donation page. I only ask that you consider donating if you’re financially stable.

Where’s X post/ why aren’t you doing this show?

I know I say “we” a lot on here, but there’s only one person that’s ever worked on Anime Solution. All the work you see in the daily posts were solely done by myself, Yumiko. In addition to that, there’s a large time commitment needed to do what I do here. Aside from when my house burnt down and when I had to attend a funeral, I’ve been working on Anime Solution non-stop for the last three years. I do not ever take a day off this website. My schedule is quite literally Anime Solution, sleep, repeat. Now, even if this happens to be the end, I can proudly say I’m happy with what I’ve done here. There’s nothing else in my life that I’ve given my all and more. Getting a degree was easy mode compared to Anime Solution. Anyways, what I’m trying to get at here is there’s only one me. While I would love to cover the vast majority of titles out there, I can’t do them all. I would certainly love to try, though.

Did you just make a very pretty casket?

Well yes, but actually no. My words are the only thing I’ve truthfully got. I know integrity doesn’t mean much to some people, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment. With that thought in mind, once I knew the website’s future was in jeopardy, I began fulfilling everything I promised. The website’s new look and the summer 2020 lineup was the results of that. Of course, there’s still a few more shows I plan to finish up. It may be slim pickings this fall, but I’ll keep my word.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you all very much. Whether you just stopped here for the first time or lurk here every single day, then know that I recognize you. It’s been a never ending ride working on Anime Solution, and I’m glad I got to share it with all of you. Additionally, a big shout out to ORS-Anime, Mii-chan, and Zuladraws. Without their help this anniversary wouldn’t of been possible. Anyhow, ready for your gift? Enjoy Solution-hime!


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-Illya- (@guest_4017)
3 years ago

Tbh why not have someone help you create these instead of you doing so? You could hire or ask someone for help

Custom (@guest_3954)
3 years ago

I’m pretty sure you took a real beating in your personal life trying to keep up with everything your blog is getting into not to metion keeping it from shutting down. Do you have any future plans if you got your personal life on track?

tammy (@guest_3952)
3 years ago

omg you’re working so hard i can’t even imagine how difficult is this 😓 please take care of yourself <3 we will support you forever 💕

andrew janowski
andrew janowski (@andrew_janowski_2)
3 years ago