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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

They need more firepower!

Whether it was luck or skill, Ooarai stood triumphant after the dust had settled. Despite Katyusha’s prior attitude, she happily shook hands with Miho after the match. Ooarai has earned themselves another set of friends. Nonetheless, the final round won’t be an easy one for the Ooarai squad. They’ll be going up against Miho’s former school, Kuromorimine Girls Academy. Additionally, Miho will have to face her older sister, Maho. After the results of the semi-final match, Maho swore to her mother that she would display how a true warrior fights. Regardless of what was to come, Ooarai began heavily preparing for the final round. Their opponent will be allowed to field up to 20 tanks, but there’s no possible way Ooarai could match them. Still, they’ve managed upgrade some of their tanks and form a few new crews. The Automotive Club shall make up Leopon Team, and Ooarai’s eager online gamers created Anteater Team.

On the day of the finals, Miho stood confidently with her teammates at her back. They know the price of losing here, and they do not wish to see their bonds torn apart. Before the match began, Ooarai was cheered on by nearly all their former opponents. They’ve made many lasting impressions with their introduction to the scene. Moreover, Miho got a chance to reunite with one of the girls she saved before attending Ooarai. While they may be on opposing teams now, the spirit of senshado remains strong within them both. Nonetheless, Kuromorimine’s commander, Maho, and their vice-commander, Erika Itsumi, have been looking forward to this day. Shortly after the match began, Erika already had her sights on Ooarai’s flag tank. Unfortunately, she missed her mark, though she did get a consolation prize. Anteater Team was eliminated before they could ever load a shot.

While I wouldn’t say Girls und Panzer is heavily character driven, there were several updates for our main crew. Hana is now on good terms with her mother again, Saori announced how far she has come as a radio operator, and Mako’s grandmother is out of the hospital. Miho on the other hand is still on the rocks with her family. During the semi-finals, Miho’s mother, Shiho Nishizumi, was ready to remove Miho from her inheritance. Due to Ooarai’s unexpected victory against Pravda, their much-needed confrontation has yet to happen. In any case, all eyes are upon Ooarai. Enjoy the very start of the final round!







The final battle has only just begun. Join us for plenty more next Monday.

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