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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

It’s all or nothing!

Among the sixteen races that make up the Exceed, the Werebeasts are believed to be the only race with a sixth sense. Their ability to read minds has kept them ahead of the curve, or so everyone thought. Blank’s arrival at the Eastern Federation Embassy was expected by Ino Hatsuse, thought he didn’t foresee what was to come. After ushering Blank and their entourage to the ambassador and his granddaughter, Izuna Hatsuse, Blank began to unravel the mystery behind the Eastern Federation’s key to success. Between using the former king’s left behind knowledge, and Blank’s familiarity with video games, the Werebeasts found themselves in a difficult spot. If they don’t accept Blank’s challenge, then the other races will know how to counter them in the future. Although Blank placed them into checkmate, they offered up an item many would never dare to do. Imanity’s race piece and everything they own were placed on the line. Taking back all the land that the late king lost is their first step to world domination.

As the Werebeasts prepare a video game fitting for such a grand event, Blank’s subjects were furious. If Blank loses, then Imanity is open season for the other races. While the majority were simply blowing hot air, there is one member of Imanity that is willing to act. However, Sora fully expected their arrival. He’ll be using their challenge to gain the missing piece needed for victory over the Eastern Federation. Unfortunately, this challenge called for Sora to completely disappear from nearly everyone’s memories. The following day, Shiro awoke to a world where everyone had forgotten her brother. Anyhow, we’ve got another game before the big showdown. Enjoy Izuna’s fluffiness!





Surely they’ll remember, right? A new mysterious game begins here next Wednesday.

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