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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

What’s so important about winning?

Ooarai has secured themselves a spot in the semi-finals. They’ll be going up against the defending champions, Pravda Girls High School. While Pravda is always a force to contend with, Miho hasn’t forgotten her defeat against them in last year’s final. Despite the grim prospects ahead, the majority of the Ooarai squad is simply happy to have made it this far. Additionally, this match will introduce their newest tank unit. The Public Morals Committee shall make up Team Mallard, and take command of the Renault. However, the Student Council won’t allow attitudes towards victory to slip. They’ve personally invited Miho over for dinner to discuss a serious matter. Unfortunately, they avoided the daunting topic while reminiscing about the past. They simply don’t wish for their happy memories to end.

On the day of their match, Miho and her teammates found themselves in a snowy landscape. They’ll be going up against Pravda’s finest, though the leader of this squad, Katyusha has her head up in the clouds. She won’t allow anyone to look down on her. Together with her vice-commander, Nonna, they plan on crushing Ooarai. Over on the other side of the field, Miho believed their best chances of winning was taking things slow. She’s well aware of how Pravda fights, yet her teammates thought otherwise. The Ooarai squad charged forward to get this match over with as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, they’ve played right into Katyusha’s palm. A few early eliminations made Ooarai far too confident. Within the blink of an eye, they found themselves surrounded. Although they were lucky enough to take shelter in an abandoned church, Katyusha plans to drag this out. She’ll only allow them to surrender if they beg for it. The thought of surrendering was okay with the majority of the squad, but at this point the Student Council couldn’t keep quiet anymore. If Ooarai doesn’t win the championship, then their school will be dismantled. Anyhow, backing down is no longer an option. Enjoy fighting in freezing conditions!





Videos: Sound is required for the first video.


Settle in for a long one. The snow knows no mercy next Monday.

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