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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Well, that was easy.

Ooarai’s spot may be secured for the next round, but their commander, Miho, is still haunted by her past. The topic of last year’s final match was brought up between Miho’s closest friends during lunch. Prior to Miho’s transfer, she was a student at Kuromorimine Girls Academy. It was there she held the title of Vice-Commander, and commanded their flag tank at the time of her supposed disgrace. The Nishizumi style demands one to advance at all costs, but Miho picked her teammates safety over victory. Saving her teammates ended Kuromorimine’s long held win streak, and strained Miho’s relationship with her mother and older sister. However, Miho’s friends believe she made the right choice. Her decision to put her team’s safety first is why Ooarai stands strongly behind her.

There’s little time to dwell in the past. Ooarai’s match against the Italian themed school, Anzio Girls High School, was right around the corner. While Miho can help train them every day, she can’t do everything alone. Fortunately, Miho’s friends have stepped up to the plate. With their aid, the other tank crews are moving better than ever. Moreover, Ooarai is going to need more firepower if they plan to take on the schools beyond Anzio. While they were able to find a Renault B1 Bis, a Porsche Tiger, and a long-barreled 75mm anti-tank cannon for the Panzer IV, they won’t be ready for their next match. Regardless, their five tanks was more than enough for Anzio. It may have happened in the blink of an eye, but Ooarai earned themselves another victory.

This just isn’t right! The battle against Anzio Girls High School wasn’t animated when this episode aired, though that’s no longer the case. Anchovy and those behind her got their own OVA later down the line. I’ll be covering it here in short order, so keep your eyes peeled. Anyhow, ready to experience a ten-second victory? Enjoy the “battle” against Anzio!







Surely there’s more, right? Be sure to stick around for the real episode 7.

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