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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Omega good job!

After convincing Jibril of their otherworldly status, Blank submitted their challenge. They’ll be offering more than 40,000 books through their tablet. Upon considering the worth of such knowledge, Jibril offered even more. She’s placed everything she owns and herself on the line. If Blank somehow manages to win, they’ll also get a favor out of her. However, Jibril doesn’t believe they have any chance of winning. Throughout their entire game of shiritori, she continued to look down upon Imanity. Ever since the Great War, Jibril’s race exchanged their fangs for knowledge. Unfortunately for her, Disboard’s scientific knowledge is greatly lacking. This game was over from round one, but Blank gave her a showing that left a lasting impression. Blown away by Blank’s performance, Jibril pledged her undying loyalty to them.

While this episode focused mainly on Blank versus Jibril, one should not forget about Stephanie. Although she took quite the pounding during their fun, she’s now an inseparable piece to Blank’s grand plan. This was the first of many times Stephanie will be of use to Blank. Moreover, this episode presented the most fan service we’ll get out of a single episode. There will be plenty more to come, but this is the most skin you’ll be getting in clear view. Anyhow, let’s keep it “family friendly”. Enjoy adding an angel to the crew!





We’re only half way done with this game. Be sure to join us for another one next Wednesday.

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