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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

It’s showtime!

While Sinon holds her own against Subtilizer, Iskahn and Sheyta believed they had met their end. However, their fighting days are far from over. Leafa along with Lilpilin and his army have come in force. Elsewhere, Asuna and those around her were falling one by one. Against impossible odds and unable to speak sense to the invaders, they soon found themselves backed against a wall. With no other options available, Asuna was forced to surrender before she lost everyone. It was at this point PoH revealed himself and his intentions. Long ago, it was he who leaked the location of Laughing Coffin’s hideout. In order to bring the so-called heroes down from their high horse, he sacrificed his own guild members to sully their hands. As this was a moment that forever scarred Kirito, PoH now wishes to know what pushes Kirito forward. Although he may still be broken, Kirito has been placed in front of PoH.

Who in the world is Yanai? If you recall all the way back to season 1, Yanai was one of Sugou’s subordinates. After his boss was imprisoned, he decided to continue on his legacy. Additionally, Yanai was the individual leaking information to America, and the one assisting Quinella. If all had gone according to plan, then no one would’ve gotten hurt. Gabriel and his crew would’ve secured Alice, and Yanai would have landed a dream job overseas. Unfortunately, things have spiraled out of control. Yanai did not foresee Quinella’s downfall. As Quinella held a special spot in his heart, someone has to pay. Before Higa took a non-life-threatening bullet, he was able to send out a discreet message to Kikuoka. They now know Yanai is a traitor. Anyhow, they’re all holding on for now. Enjoy being wheeled out before the enemy!





Is it finally time for his awakening? We’re stalling even further next Saturday.

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