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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

His legend grows…

Upon realizing who was behind the recent village raids, Gazef and his men prepared to face the Sunlight Scripture. However, this is a battle Gazef knew he could never win. As these elite casters originate from the Slane Theocracy, his small band of warriors would be marching to their deaths. Before heading off to battle, he attempted to hire Ainz’s assistance. Despite his earlier help in this whole mess, he won’t be joining Gazef. Still, he will assure the village’s safety, and send him off with a “gift”. Although Gazef was able to display why he’s the strongest warrior within the Re-Estize Kingdom, the captain of the Sunlight Scripture, Nigun Grid Luin, swiftly surrounded him. Prior to giving the order to execute him, he taunted him about defending the villagers. After Gazef’s death, those behind him would be next. Unfortunately for Nigun, he’ll never speak so boldly again. Keeping true to his word, Ainz and Albedo swapped locations with Gazef and his men. This experience has taught Ainz much. Their spells and minions were just like those from Yggdrasil, and he’s even learned what it feels like to take damage. Regardless of all the excitement before him, the Sunlight Scripture will never see another dawn again. Nazarick’s first set of prisoners have entered the tomb. They’ll be feeding Ainz everything they know and more.

After the dust had settled at Carne village, Ainz and Albedo returned home. Taking in everything he recently learned, Ainz called in his subjects for a meeting. He’s officially ended the usage of the name Momonga. Moving forward, he’s to only be called Ainz Ooal Gown. Additionally, they must make his name a legend throughout the New World. Though those around Ainz loved his latest move, Ainz had something else in mind with this idea. Ainz Ooal Gown is a name everyone knew back in Yggdrasil. If anyone else got transported over, then they’ll surely come looking for Ainz. Once Ainz departed from his throne, the Floor Guardians held a meeting of their own. Demiurge shared what he believed to be Ainz’s sincere words from the previous day. Though Ainz was simply joking, the forces of Nazarick are now planning on taking over the world for their beloved leader, Ainz. Anyhow, there’s no take backs now. Enjoy taking a single point of damage!





All hail Ainz Ooal Gown! We continue learning about this world next Friday.

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