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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Panzer vor!

They’ve got the members, but what about the tanks? Prior to shutting down their senshado program, Ooarai had several tanks registered under its name. The only problem is finding where they’ve been left. While the student council took a break, everyone else split up into groups to find the tanks. Miho and friends found themselves accompanied by the tank enthusiast, Yukari Akiyama. Together they were able to find a Panzer 38(t). After a long day of searching, Ooarai stood five tanks strong. Miho’s group was assigned the Panzer IV, and their first day of training shall commence the following day. Before the big day, Miho and friends spent some much-needed bonding time. They now know firsthand how much Yukari loves senshado.

As morning broke, Miho rushed off to school, though she won’t be arriving on time. After assisting the sleepy-head genius known as, Mako Reizei, she was off to practice. Since Miho was the only one familiar with senshado, the student council arranged for an instructor to teach them the ropes. Ami Chōno, known for never missing her mark, has thrown the Ooarai squad right onto the field. Once they learned how to move, their next step was fighting among themselves. However, all eyes were upon Miho’s team. In their rush to evade being hit, they’ve found Mako sleeping by a stump. Anyhow, the team isn’t quite complete just yet. Enjoy getting a feel for the tanks!


They’re getting shorter by the frame.




New driver on deck! We finish learning the ins and outs of senshado next time.

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