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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

And they don’t stop coming.

After a heartfelt reunion with Kirito, Sinon and Asuna begun discussing their next steps. Their time together will be short, though. They plan to fully utilize Sinon’s admin account. While Sinon takes advantage of her ability to fly, Asuna shall continue to lead the decoy forces against the American players. As Sinon flew off in search of Alice, Leafa dropped in elsewhere on another admin account. She’s found herself before one of the Ten Lords, Lilpilin. Although they may be on opposing factions, Leafa knows full well of that Lilpilin is a living being just like her. She even gives him the proper respects as a fellow human. Nonetheless, she’s willing to give herself up as a hostage if that means getting closer to Emperor Vector. Before Lilpilin could begin escorting her off, Dee Eye Ell snatched her away from him. Now, they may both be members of the Ten Lords, but Dee Eye Ell doesn’t have an ounce of respect for Lilpilin. She simply sees him as a pig in human clothing. Additionally, she’s in charge while Emperor Vector is away. Forced to watch Leafa endure a humiliating torture, on top of recently losing a close loved one, and being continually mocked, Lilpilin snapped. Another seal of the right eye has been broken, yet he wasn’t able to finish the job. Even though Leafa saw them both as human, she knows when pure evil is in front of her. Dee Eye Ell shall never torment another soul again.

The chase for Alice hasn’t stopped. Bercouli was able to pause Emperor Vector’s flight, though his luck ran out there. This is a battle where there will be no returns. A single blow has yet to reach Emperor Vector, yet Bercouli is already on his last leg. Before the curtains fall upon him, he still has one ace up his sleeve. Elsewhere, Asuna and what remained of the decoy forces were about to be wiped out. Just as things were about to end, the sky lit up blue. A new set of players have arrived, but this time they’re friendly. Lisbeth’s message did not fall upon deaf ears. Klein and a number of other familiar faces have touched down upon Underworld. Anyhow, everything is still up in the air. Enjoy a bloodbath from every direction!




Episode 13:






There’s still plenty of blood to be spilled. Join us for another dose of action next Saturday.

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Custom (@guest_3734)
3 years ago

At last, SAO is back to finish off the War of Underworld!

Custom (@guest_3736)
Reply to  Yumiko
3 years ago

I agree. Hopefully, they will go all out with this last part of Alicization.

Custom (@guest_3737)
Reply to  Custom
3 years ago

Keep us posted on SAO.