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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

Who’s the new girl?

Due to the delicate nature of the operation Gi-gan’s crew is about to partake in, they require more information. Their number one priority is saving those about to be sold by Kum-Ji, though that’s easier said than done. Kum-Ji’s new hired muscle has put more boats in the water. If the ship containing the captives leave Kouka waters, then there’s no hope of saving them. The following day, Jae-ha invited Yona to help scout Port Awa for clues. Upon arriving in town, they bumped into a woman dressed up as a man. After inquiring about her circumstances, nearly everything they needed to know about Kum-Ji’s operation was within their hands. Still, one problem remained. Though they now know where the captives are being held and when the exchange will go down, they don’t know which boat will contain said captives. With little time remaining, Yona proposed a daring plan to Captain Gi-gan. She’ll infiltrate Kum-Ji’s business as a captive, and alert the crew of which ship the captives are being held on. Those around Yona were quick to object to this plan, but Gi-gan will allow it only if Yun goes along with her.

As night began to settle in, Hak pulled Yona aside for a chat. Lately, he’s been having a difficult time bottling up his feelings for her. This latest stunt of hers didn’t help matters, but at the end of the day he can never say no to his princess. Yona’s determination to make amends for the past continues to compel her forward. This new fiery side of hers is one Hak looks forward to seeing more. As dawn broke, Yona and Yun disguised as a female left for Kum-Ji’s establishment. They walked in knowing they would be captured, but they have an escape card. Once they’re placed on a ship, they’ll be setting off a firework to alert the crew. Anyhow, she’ll be fine, right? Enjoy risking everything for the people!





They’ll be okay… We’re living a day in captivity next time.

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