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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

She never, stops, spinning.

Upon the eve of Walpurgis Night, Kyuubey paid Homura one last visit. Although he knew full well Homura couldn’t possibly come out victorious, he’s revealed why Madoka holds so much potential. Due to Homura’s wish, Madoka has become the centerpiece of countless time lines. Since a magical girl’s power is determined by how much she can change fate, Madoka may become an entity not even Kyuubey can grasp. With little time remaining, Kyuubey attempted to reason with Madoka once more. He’s shown her the long history between humanity and incubators, though this only further horrified her. As night begun to take hold, Madoka sought out Homura. While Homura reassured her that everything was fine, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Even if Madoka couldn’t understand a word she was saying, Madoka now knows the full extent of what Homura has been through.

The following day, a storm without equal descended upon Mitakihara City. In the eyes of the many, this was just another natural phenomenon, but that was far from the truth. Within the eye of this storm, Homura began a fight she had no hope of winning. Meanwhile, Madoka and her family took shelter. Unable to hold herself back, she met with Kyuubey. Though she held a glimmer of hope that Homura told her the truth, Kyuubey set the facts straight. He’s told her the inevitable outcome, and why she continues a fight she has no chance of winning. The moment Homura loses hope of saving Madoka, she will turn into a witch. Struggling till the very end is her only option. Despite all that she had learned and experienced, Madoka was prepared to head out into the storm. As despair began to grip Homura, her best friend reached out to her at the very last moment. Madoka has finally made up her mind. A wish of unfathomable power is only moments away from being uttered. Anyhow, it’s time to break the cycle. Enjoy taking on an impossible boss!


OP: There’s been a slight update in the opening.


Episode 11:


End Card:




Ready to hear her wish? A finale to change everything begins next Friday.

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