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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

All it took was one mistake.

Ever since abandoning his village, Jae-ha has never once been caught. Unfortunately, that streak of his has come to a sudden end. In his hot pursuit to recruit Hak, a simple misstep landed him in front of Ki-ja. Excited to find one of his fellow Dragon Warriors, he latched onto Jae-ha instantly. However, freedom is everything to this Dragon Warrior. He refuses to be a “puppet” to a master. After ditching Ki-ja, Jae-ha found Hak in a heartbeat. However, Hak had company behind him. For the first time in his life, Jae-ha’s blood spoke out to him. The one he was meant to follow was before him, yet Jae-ha won’t allow his blood to speak for him. As Yona began to realize who was in front of her, Jae-ha introduced himself with strong choice words. Despite Jae-ha’s words, Yona only asked for the Green Dragon Warrior to lend her his strength. She’s no master, and does not issue out orders to those who follow her. Although this was a slight relief for Jae-ha, he was only there to recruit Hak’s help. Upon hearing the details, Yona was prepared to aid his cause. Prior to their meeting, she witnessed firsthand the corruption running through this town. If it means joining a pirate crew to save the people, then she’ll put her life on the line.

The following day, Yona and friends were invited to meet Captain Gi-gan and her crew. Though Gi-gan could use a few more hands, she won’t allow just anyone into her crew. There are many that have been hurt by Kum-Ji, but there are only a few that have what it takes to fight back. A test of might proved the fighters of Yona’s group to be more than capable, and Yun was allowed into the crew due to his expertise, though Yona has little to offer at face value. While that may have been true at one point, she’s no longer a defenseless princess. As the fire in her eyes began to lite up, Gi-gan proposed a unique test just for her. It’ll put her life on the line, yet prove she has what it takes to join the crew. Anyhow, there’s no backing down now. Enjoy joining a pirate crew!





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